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What should I take for My Trip a Duffle or Suitcase?

leather duffle bag indiaDid you ever ask yourself the question? Many of you would like to flaunt black, maroon, red or blue colour suitcases while traveling. And many like to carry duffle bags for men which may not be so stylish like suitcases but so convenient to carry. The article is focusing on what will be the best luggage between them to carry for your next trip.

Duffle Bags vs. Suitcases – Which One You Would Prefer?

A survey says that people of UK, America, Canada and several other countries like duffle bags online more than suitcases. It is just like a backpacks for men with multiple compartments. It is good for hand free travel. At the same time, suitcases bag for men are good for carrying things in an organized manner. It has one major advantages over other travel luggage is that it takes care of crease of your clothes. When it comes to comparison and choosing one between them, there are multiple factors to consider.

How is your transportation going to be like? Are you traveling in a bus? Are you hiring a car? Are you traveling by train? It is cumbersome to carry a suitcase on public transportation. At that time, backpacks or duffle bag for men online work great.

What is your travel destination? A suitcase online bag is consider an ideal travel luggage if you are traveling to a place full of convenient with good roads and vehicle services. If you are moving to a hill area, there will be nothing more comfortable than a duffle canvas bag online. It lets you move out the place comfortably.

Are you travelling to one or multiple destination?

If you are travelling to one destination, you can consider carrying a suitcase along with you. If you are all set to travel multiple destinations at the same time, make sure you would not get exhausted walking around with your luggage. Therefore, a duffle bags online will be an ideal companion for you.

Are you travelling alone?

If you are moving to a place all alone and want to maintain convenience, a duffle bags online india is an ideal choice. It will make your journey comfortable. You don’t have to juggle your luggage.

To buy an ideal size of duffle bag, you can go with online shopping. Search on the net by providing the right keywords along with the area name such as travel bag online shopping in India. Zobello mens fashion store a best online site selling varieties in travel bags. Buy bags online gives you the option to compare prices of the product to find the best deal.

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Holidays Special Bags For Men Which Suits Your Style

The perfect wardrobe is all about having the right pieces to mix and match to get a fresh look every day. If you, like myself, care about looking good day in and day out, you know all the effort that goes into curating the right kind of clothes. Yet, even after meticulously gathering my ideal wardrobe, my outfits felt incomplete. It was as if I was missing something, but couldn’t just put my finger on it. It was quite perplexing, but I doubled down and tried to understand what I was doing wrong.

The answer had always been in front of me, but I had ignored it. One of those things that are very obvious but don’t strike you as such in the heat of the moment. Of course, the minute detail I was ignoring was accessioning. We spend so much time focusing on the bulk of our clothes and miss out on the little things, the minute detail that significantly increase the splendor of our outfits. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, go out and buy some accessories. It will completely change the way you dress.

One of the most important accessories in our arsenal are travel bags online shopping. Think about it. They occupy a large amount of real estate on our bodies. A stylish one like a Genuine Leather Laptop Bag or a buy laptop bags online will considerably increase your number of options while dressing up. If you are lacking a trendy bag in your closet to add oomph to your outfit, go for these understated but classy designs. Neutral colours will give you the increased advantage of being able to pair it with any other colour or design.


You can try out a classic backpack design or go for a messenger bag. Further, these premium materials give a formal and regal appearance making them more suitable in a professional environment. However, it goes without saying that the functionality of a bag is its most important characteristic. We often use bags for men to carry things like books and laptops and these objects being inherently fragile, require some protection. Hence, it is imperative that a bag is safe and secure.

Not only that, people carry these bags over long distances, many in a times in public transport. So, online bags shopping not only need to be durable to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, but also be comfortable enough to lug around on your back for hours on end. Since, people put great emphasis on the usability of bags it is hard to compromise on this aspect and go for a less functional but more fashionable one. If you are also one of those people who want the latest trends but are hesitant to sacrifice on the other factors why not do some laptop bags online shopping.

Bags for men, duffle bags for men, zobello products

Considerations For Finding The Best Duffel Bags

If you look around, there is a wide range of bags available in the market, both for men and women, so if you are looking for high quality bags with a combination of style and comfort, then duffel bags are your perfect travel companion.

When you start browsing for the best carry on duffel bag you might feel a little overwhelmed because of how many there are. This is normal and most of us feel a little dizzy when looking at the mountain of choices. We’ve prepared a guide that will help you to know how to choose the perfect duffel bag without a lot of time or hassle involved. Having been in this position, I understand completely how it feels to be in a daze.

The next thing to think about is the material and durability. You want to choose the best carry on duffel bag that is made of high quality materials, yet they should be light weight so it isn’t too heavy for you to comfortably carry. It also needs to be sturdy enough to hold up under heavy packing and bumping into other luggage in transit.

High Quality Materials and Construction

Made with qualities fabric for wear resistance and long life. Strong high quality zippers that feature a pull string for ease in opening and losing. The materials are ultra lightweight so the bag does not add a lot of weight when carrying your possessions.

Spacious / Fashionable

The bag is a generous size and it is has a capacity of one and a half pounds total weight. This bag is easy to fold up and store in your suitcase in case you may need another bag for souvenirs, shopping or any other application. This bag comes in a variety of different color choices and is suitable for both men and women.

Users were pleased with the appearance and the quality of this duffel bag. Another important selling point is the spaciousness of the compartment. It is large enough to carry all necessary essentials for a short trip and it got high marks for this feature. This bag gets very high ratings for its appearance and quality. The materials and components hold up very well when travelling so it is durable and built to hold up under heavy use. has come with the sturdiest yet extremely light, soft and much sophisticated new collection of duffel bags like that traveller’s delight everyone longs for. These bags are expandable and crush able. You can buy duffel sacks online from Zobello. This is the fast and simple way to buy duffel bags online in India from Zobello.

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Choose the Right Men Bags Which Suits Your Style

With so many stylish men bags around the corner, it can be overwhelming to select which one is the best bag for you. The good news is that whatever kind of stylish men bags you are choosing, the days of cramming jeans pockets with all your stuff is over. It’s time to upgrade and buy men bag online. We have narrowed down the list of handbags that suits lifestyle of every man- starting from student to CFO.

Men twill bags- Once known as student bag, has now become a staple in man’s wardrobe. It is one among the best bags that you can have in your wardrobe. Made from twill cotton fabric, it looks sophisticated and stylish. The draw string of the bag makes the bag look smaller than actually what it is. This classic backpack is aesthetic in appearance and classic in looks.

Gym bag for man-Every guy who has planned to go to a gym cannot afford to ignore the importance of a good duffel bag. It is especially good for the commuters. It’s simple, sleek look adds appeal. Moreover, it has enough space to accommodate your lunch box as well as gym shoes. What’s more! The design looks similar to messenger bag rather than conventional gym bag.

Canvas Bags-Now the days are over, when men used to carry heavy padded tech bags. The canvas bags are stylish, sophisticated and subtle in appearance- definitely not like old laptop case. It looks casual similar to a back pack. Apart from that, it has several features like leather trimmed look and zippered compartments, which make it great, bag for man who wants to store his everyday necessities in a comfortable way.

Messenger Bag– This Messenger Bag has been there in men’s wardrobe for quite a while. It’s a classic substitute to conventional backpack, and it comes in various styles. This is a tried and tested handbag with old school appeal.

The briefcase- It is a classic handbag that a modern man can carry. Its classic design, leather finish and appeal make it perfect for man to carry around the town.

Final Words The men backpacks have undergone a change and these bags are examples of it. Come over the false stigma, and buy a backpack that suits your lifestyle! The market is filled with the option, select the one that reflects your personality.

You can find some more choices of bags for men by simply browsing online. Zobello is the right website that offer men bags, including backpacks, toiletry bags, messenger bags, duffel bags and many more. Zobello, Best Online Fashion Store for Men in India.

Bags for men, duffle bags for men, zobello products

The All Basic About Choosing Duffel Bags

There are several types of bags available in the market, and one of the most popular types is the duffel bag. Because this type of bag is often used to carry sports equipment, people also refer to it as a gym bag.
If you are planning to purchase your own gym bag then you may want to know what things you need to consider when buying duffel bags. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a bag that either does not suit your lifestyle or does not last for more than a few uses.
Most people choose their bags according to the lifestyles that they lead. There are those who require a duffel bag for gym purposes only while others want a bag that doubles as an over nigher. But whatever your regular lifestyle is, it is best to maximize the use of your bag by choosing one that travels well.
You will also need to assess how much space you will regularly need and whether you will be carrying clothes only or if you are going to need the bag to transport documents and other personal items as well. There are gym bags that may be converted into a laptop case and includes a special compartment for documents, which makes it even more versatile. Many bags of this kind are expandable, so you can adjust the size according to your current space needs. You would also do well to choose a bag with built-in adjustable straps and a lot of pockets for easier organization of your clothing and other stuff.

There are some secondary considerations that you may want to take note of. First consideration is the bag’s lining. It is important that you choose a bag with good lining, since this will protect the primary material from stains. Stains usually come from toiletries that accidentally become uncapped inside the bag, so it is also advisable to ensure that your toiletries are tightly capped and to wrap them inside a separate toiletry kit if possible. The second extra consideration is whether to purchase a bag with feet or not. The more items you are likely to carry in the bag, the greater the need is for feet support.
Now that you are aware of the best options and the special considerations in purchasing a duffel bag, you are ready to learn as well the proper way of caring for your bag, especially if you are intent on buying one made of leather.
More importantly, test the product first on a small, unobtrusive part of the bag to see if it interacts well with the material. This will help ensure that your duffel bags do not suffer any adverse, irreparable damage.

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Messenger Bags – Best Travel Gear For Men

We generally are looking for a balance between practicality and style when we talk about messenger bags for men. Fewer men’s still stray away from messenger bags because of its association with female purses. Though that fear can still be eliminated by choosing the right type of bag and wearing it the manly way. The best way to wear these messenger bags is across the body with highly strapped short leash which would also indicate a man on the move getting stuff done.

Messenger bags have been quite a trend since decades now. Commonly used by the college going youngsters and men’s with white collar jobs these bags have ultimately found their way to every men’s heart as they are very cool looking and stylish as well. Messenger bags have quietly became a staple in every men’s fashion collection. They not only tend to give you a complete professional as well as stylish look but also have the capability to make you stand out of the crowd.

But have you ever thought why you need a messenger bag? It’s maybe you’re tired of carrying around a backpack or maybe you just need something that doesn’t make you look like you just came from school. A bag completely designed to look good on you and capable of carrying your books, laptops and your daily necessities very easily. Carrying a laptop in your messenger bag is equally same yet stylish rather than carrying your laptop in your non-fashionable laptop bag. Carrying laptop in your messenger bag seems much smarter option in terms of both style and functionality. Added bonus: It will also help avoid you looking like a dorky college kid.

Using a messenger bag has its own perks. With messenger bags its very easier to find your stuff just in case when you need a pen to write down something quickly, or you need to get something from you bag with ordinary bag you had to shove your hands behind your back as if you were giving yourself a reversed kind of hug. Forget those miseries and discomfort and get yourself a messenger bag online at Zobellos exclusive online store. The moment you visit Zobello online fashion store for men’s and women’s you would be dazzled by the vast sweep of exclusive and premium fashion items handpicked just for you.

At Zobello you can find large varieties of various type of messenger bags and canvas bag online at a single place just for you. Shopping messenger bags for men in India was never so easy before Zobello. Zobello one of a kind online fashion store for both men’s and women’s, not only makes men’s fashion affordable and accessible but very exciting and hassle free.

Zobello wide range of different types and varieties of bags which includes messenger bags made from genuine leather, faux leather, suede fabric materials one would absolutely be spoilt with choices. Leather messenger bags are quite a corporate trends these day as they not only make you look very stylish but also adds a very premium look to your complete attire. Pair these leather messenger bags with darker shade trousers, tanned shoes for a complete fashionable look. Worn with a suit or at least a blazer and matching leather accessories such as wallet belt these have these bags have the capabilities to make the ladies swoon.

Men’s messenger bags in India also come in faux leather or pleather, but also in full grain and suede. Last thing to bear in mind that canvas bags are not completely water-proof, so it’s always recommended to check weather conditions if you plan on transporting a laptop in one. Shop the exclusive messenger bags in India only at Zobello the one stop destination for all your fashion needs.

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Men’s Bags – Very Essential Travel Gear

They say men are difficult to buy gifts, because they tend to be choosy. Well the truth is, it is not always the case. For as long as you take time finding what is really the best for the man of your life, then it is not hard to buy something special for a man.

For example, think of his likes, tastes, hobbies, pastime, lifestyle, or anything that makes him what he is. Through this alone helps you decide on the right present you should buy for him.

Think useful yet stylish. Today, men’s gifts range simplest glassware to most lavish jewelry pieces. However, what is men’s most favorite is something that they can really in a regular basis. If your recipient is always on the go, what better gift to provide than a nice bag? Yes, bags are not only for women. In fact, there are lots of bags that are made and designed just for men who are always out, but with style.

When choosing a bag for your special guy, you don’t always have to go with a serious-type that he can carry when going to office. Instead, you an think of a more adventurous type that makes a good company whenever he wants to go outdoor. Most men like outdoor activities, traveling and road trips.

If your man is among those, here are some great suggestions you may consider to choose from:

Cooler Backpack

This backpack come in a reasonable price that fits for any budget. It carry almost all the features that you man will need during his leisure time and weekend activities. Whether he will carry as a backpack, gym bag or cooler bag, any of will do. For an urban guy commuter, this backpack features a convenient zippered pocket on the front flap so your man can easily find and carry his bus or subway pass.

Duffel Bag

For your strong fit man, this duffel bag is very popular for their performance gear, and this duffel bag showcase all the features for a man’s perfect workout. This gym bag come in colors like Royal Blue and Black, and this can be embroidered with your man’s initials or monogram for free!

You can find some more choices of bags for men by simply browsing online. Zobello is the right website that offer men’s gifts, including backpacks, toiletry bags, embroidered cooler bags and many more.