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Mens Checked Blazers – The Winter Wardrobe Essentials

mens blazers onlineDear men on the tropic, temperate and frigid zone, it is freezing out here. What are you doing about it at work? Are you wearing a regular suit? Jacket? Pullover? Or are you the smart cosmopolitan man who knows what is in the fashion and are suited up in style and warmth? The call is yours, what you want to be and what you will be picking for yourself.

Remember your first impression tends to last longer than it should in situations speaking of how well you dress and how much effort you put for that. Since, it is the winters and you may happen to clad yourself in mens blazer with denims, shorts or even trouser pants, wear those which are very much in fashion today. So, it is time to suit your suit meaning the blazer, saying here is to buy checked blazer for men.

Checked casual blazers for men are in the trend and most probably will be staying in the trend this season throughout. It is a safe buy and going to look super rich on you, if least is to be said here. In fact, if you are reading this right this moment, why don’t you check, online India checked men casual blazer to know what is that we are talking about in here. So, go get the basic idea before you read any further to this.

Being creative is not the deal, being effectively creative is what is the need of the hour nowadays. Apparently, that is the zone men should work on in case of styling themselves at least. Remember there is a thin line between tacky and classy, try not to cross that line. This may amaze you but there are very good types of checked branded blazer for men online these days, meaning you can even try them before you pay. Imagine that kind of royal service is being given online, who knew? Don’t be so awestruck yet, because the deal is more to say the best.

When is it so cold outside, do you really want to step out of the cozy room you are sitting in and the warm chair you are sitting on to buy yourself mens blazers online or you would rather sip hot chocolate in your comfortable surrounding and flip through the pages to pick and buy the checked stylish blazers for men. India has some of the best checked blazers available in the market online than offline, depending on the range and quality you wish to pick, these fashion portal are gaining momentum.

Since, checked blazer for mens online are a hit search these days, you may want to buy them while they are still in the market than to repent the delay later because believe it or not smart buyers are moving it off the market into their closets this very second. So, do you think you should be waiting long enough? The plan is to be executed, so you must weigh your options and make a move because it is better to have mens blazer in any case you know you want it.

Zobello mens fashion store online have the vast collection of checked blazers, visit for blazer online shopping online and find the your perfect one blazers for men. Also there are lots of winter cloths available for make you too warm in the cold winter. Happy Shopping.

Blazers for men, zobello products

Dressing To Impress: Blazers For Men In The New Year

men blazer online indiaBe it am obligatory corporate New Year’s dinner or the biggest shindig of the year with friends this New Year you get to bring the party with you with these amazingly bold top printed casual blazer online! These are the jackets that will make you be the soul and life of any party as you will look as dapper as Derulo. So, go on and shop printed blazers online to get the look that will make everyone go Swalla at your swag.

Everyone knows that a good quality blazers for men in india can transform any guy into a heart-throb stud within minutes. And to separate yourself from the crowd of usual blazer choices, be a little bold and pick up a vibrant, contemporary patterned palette for your fitted denim blazer online india and join the army of Chris’s ruling Hollywood with their witty but sensitive handsome style.

Yes, Pratt, Evans, Pine and Hemsworth are the four major Chris pillars that are holding Hollywood up and making every girl squeal in awestruck fan-girdling with their slightly ecru good-looks blazer for men online. While it is hard for fans to often tell apart from all their chiseled, corn-fed, cheese grating jaw-line appearance, but they make it easy for them with their own unique style.

Hollywood’s finest men this year brought on the Italian word sprezzatura loud and clear in our minds with their wide lapelled linen suits, in soft colors of blue and grey and unlined single breasted printed blazers for men.

Sure there are lots of options out there when it comes to men’s casual blazer mens, but it is rare to find the perfect balance between eclectic avant-garde and urban contemporary in a suiting blazer. This year men have been storming the streets with amazingly bold printed blazer india that they were not scared to pair with simplistic tees. Pairing a neutral color t-shirt with a bold patterned tailoring is the word on the street for this upcoming summer months.

And while you’re at it don’t be afraid to tuck the tee in with a slightly high waistband. The break of the trousers should show just the right amount of balmy weather mantle, and complete the look with good quality penny loafers which should be a mature choice alternative to the usual white sneakers. Another great way to pull off a printed blazer, high fashion look without coming off too strong would be to take fully tonal approach with a few risky factors thrown in to spruce things up.

Bring a little more confidence with your online blazer india sprezzatura look, by making it or breaking it with the fit! Cuff your neutral, lighter colored trouser at just the right length. Change up the loafers, along with the single-breasted cut of your printed mens blazer, create a slightly formal leaning yet overall playfully casual aesthetic by pairing it with a semi-casual light colored fitted shirt.

For materials of the fabric you do not always have to go linen ward to get the sprezzatura look. Nicely finished cotton canvas blazer online men can also get the job done right, without compromising on the comfort or quality. It all comes down to not sweat it up by wearing heavy wool flannel and going towards easy breathable high quality materials when you choose to buy printed blazers in India. So all good about mens blazer comes on the Zobello online fashion store and grab the best suited mens blazers.

Blazers for men, menswear, zobello products

Men Blazer Tips When You Buy For Holidays Season

Buying a men’s blazer can be a daunting task as an ill fitted blazer can not only spoil the grace of the entire look but can also cost a loss on the money you spent on it. Hence, it is important to pick a perfect fit blazer that can go well with different sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. Mentioned under are few tips to buy it, take a look:

The most important thing with blazers is the measurement. Thus, one should be clear with the physical measurements, for that, use a measuring tape and measure under the arms and then across the shoulder blades. The resultant measurement would be the corresponding size of the blazer for man.

Single breast and double breast are the two main types of blazers available in the market. Double breast blazers have its own unique appeal but single breast online shopping of blazer are the most versatile in terms of style. One can easily team it up with either of the semi-formals, formals and casuals.

While buying a blazer make sure that you pick a color that goes well with maximum number of your dress shirts, sweaters and trousers. Shades like black, navy blue and gray are safest to buy blazers online.

Fabric of the blazer is again an important consideration. Wool and tweed blazers are the most popular choices but then, one can find suede and cotton blazers as well. Few of these are washable while others need to be dry-cleaned. Label instructions are important to read before buying a blazer.

The best way to check the comfort and fit of a fashion blazer is by trying it on and experiencing its fit and feel first hand. Wear it and walk around, bend down, stand up, sit and see how the blazers for men is moving on the body and whether or not it is comfortable.

Check for overall fit and comfort. Once you have selected a casual blazer mens, try it on and see how it feels. Sit down wearing the blazer, then stand up, and move around. See how the blazer moves with you and how you feel in it.

Whatever is the occasion, wear the blazer in style. Pick blazers from Zobello and revamp your look. The Zobello online fashion store is a sight for sore fashion eyes. Here, you can find blazers for men online in India that can be paired with casual trousers, ripped denims, skinny jeans, white trousers, corduroy trousers and much more.

Blazers for men, menswear, zobello products

Well Defined Formally Casual Blazers

The blazer is a versatile apparel that completely changes the way you look. Be it a formal occasion or a casual party, a well layered blazer will make you stand out. It is truly an essential element in any man’s wardrobe due to the sheer number of variations a blazer allows you to make to your existing collection of clothes. The blazer lends sophistication and maturity to your look without sacrificing the cool factor. Whether worn with jeans and a T-shirt or as a part of formal attire, the blazer has become the quintessential choice for the urban man to add a little oomph when dressing up.

A common misconception about blazers is that they are just as uncomfortable to wear as suits, when in fact lightweight casual blazers available at zobello are perfect for men who desire to look casually dapper in a hot climate. These lightweight casual blazers are made of breathable cotton, and are a great alternative to suits for professionals who wish to cool down in the summers. Further, blazers are great or travelling and are much more practical than suits to pack in a bag and zip across the country.

Colour & Style Extravaganza

A great assortment of unique blazers are available on You can choose from different colours and styles to compliment your wardrobe. A casual notched blazer in neutral colours like navy blue, grey, black and beige is a true classic that will layer well with almost everything. For a formal event, one can pair a navy blue or grey casual notched blazer with a dress shirt and a tie. This is a tried and tested combination for a polished look and can be paired with any of your existing outfits and make you look like a dapper gentleman.

Style At Its Best

However, if you are looking for something funky to spice up your collection, look no further than the gingham check casual blazers available on zobello. These blazers have a fresh, summerish feel and look fantastic with chinos and a light shirt or t-shirt. Gingham check casual blazers are a great way to break away from the monotony of monochrome blazers and set yourself apart from the crowd. These stylish blazers will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

Carry – Off Blazer With A Casual Attitude

Blazers can take your outfit to the next level, when dressing casually. A plain tee and a pair of well fitted jeans go phenomenally well with blazers. Alternatively, you can pair your blazer with a v-neck tee to go with the lapel or instead try a polo tee for a sporty semi-formal look. Underneath, you can either wear boots or casual sneakers, as both seem perfectly alright with blazers.

Fit Is The Key

A good fit is essential to the look of the blazer. When trying on a blazer, ensure that the seam hits just where your shoulders end. The fit of the shoulder is crucial as it hard to alter. The sleeves should ideally end a bit below your wrists and the buttons should hit above the navel. Take advantage of the versatility of blazers by mixing it up a bit! Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and experiment with patterns!

Blazers for men, zobello products

How To Wear A Casual Blazer | Zobello Clothing

Buy A Perfect Casual Blazer | Zobello Clothing

Blazer for summer, are you kidding me? This was the answer one got when one talked about wearing a blazer in the summers even a few years back. But now fashion trends demand that every man owns a casual blazer that’s not only perfect for informal office gatherings but even a marriage function. If you are thinking of buying a good one among casual blazers for men then the following tips will be quite handy.

Don’t Buy Too Tight Blazers

You should never buy blazers that are too tight. Here are a few signs of a blazer that’s too tight. Remember them and you’ll be fine.

X shape forming at the closure
Seam where the shoulder pad meets the arm isn’t right
The collar is bunching and pulling at the neck
It’s riding on your back and exposing the seat

Don’t Buy Too Loose Products as well

The signs of men casual blazer that’s too loose are:
The closure is sagging and drooping forward
The shoulders are extending past the actual shoulders and creating an untidy silhouette
Length of the arms are falling past the base of your thumb
The collar is pulling away from neck and leaving a hole between you and the blazer
The casual blazer is drowning the wearer and coming past the seat

Now that you have learned how to select the right sized products, have a look at top 5 styles that will make you look hot this summer (in the coolest sense)

Military Style: This product is meant for men who like to look stylish but want to stick to the neutral colors like black as it suits their masculinity well and helps them to preserve their special aura of mystery.
Palm Tree Design: This product is for men who want to create their own style statement this summer without paying much heed to what everyone else thinks of them.

Pure White: This product is for men who like simplicity best and prefer white over black. The shine of this product is meant to last for years as it’s quite a durable product that will add a new shine to your wardrobe.
Neutral Style: This product is meant for men who are too busy to match different pieces of clothing every day and prefer products that go with anything else they might have a yen to wear.

Cotton Lightweight Striped Casual Blazer: This product is for men who can rock any look they sport without feeling any discomfort. It’s a confidence booster for men who don’t have much knowledge about what fashion trends are hot at the moment as this design will stay for a few years.

Did you like the product ideas and variety suggested here? If so, feel free to visit Zobello as we have much more variety than this on our website. All the products on our website suit the style statement as well as the budget of modern Indian men who want to look stylish but also want to invest in top quality products.