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What is the Right Backpack for You

buy-online-backpacks-for-men-from-zobelloFirstly, when you start looking for the ideal backpack, keep in mind that there is no perfect backpacks online india to suit all your backpacking activities. You will probably end up purchasing more than one backpack, each suited to a specific backpack activity and duration of hike. Having a backpack that is well suited to your body size is an essential part of your hiking preparation. Ignoring this point may cause you discomfort or even lead to back injury in the future.

Types of Backpack

When purchasing a good canvas backpacks india, you basically have a choice of two, an internal and external frame. The external frame backpack is recognized by its visual framing with its suspension and backpack section attached to the frame. The internal frame backpack has its framing sewn into the backpacks main section. This framing may be of carbon fiber, plastic or metal rods. Other internal frame backpacks are comprised of a single solid plastic sheet instead of the traditional framing rods and others are made of corrugated polystyrene sheeting with aluminum rods inserted in the corrugations. Backpack companies are becoming more innovative in their mens backpacks online india design to cater for the increasing demands for a lighter pack that can carry a heavier load. When choosing a backpack you will need to consider the following advantages and disadvantages.

External Frame

The advantages of external framed online backpacks india are that they are rigid, typically easier to pack because of the numerous pockets available and the provision for attaching additional items to the frame for easy access. They are ideal for carrying heavy loads and provide a greater air space between the frame and your back allowing a better airflow than that of Internal framed backpacks. The disadvantage of the external framed pack due to its wider and taller dimensions, has a very high center of gravity and when fully loaded creates a less-stable profile than that of an Internal framed pack.

Internal Frame

The advantages of the internal framed backpacks for men online model are that, they are more comfortable and the backpack weight is more evenly distributed across your back as opposed to the external frame backpack, which only makes contact with a few areas of your back. Internal frame packs are functional and provide good stability due to their close-fitting to your body’s profile. This close-fitting provides a better balance and increases your ability to maneuver over rugged terrain.Their slim profile also allows greater flexibility to tackle those tighter spots encountered on your hike. Their disadvantages are typically, the lack of additional pockets and that the air flow is not as good as the external frame backpack bags, generating a higher level of heat against your back. Buy from the latest collection of backpacks for men from brands Zobello Online at the Lowest prices in India.

backpack for men, Bags for men, zobello products

Adjustable Polyester Padded Backpack

Shopping for a perfect and stylish bag has always been a concern for both men and women since a long time. And apart from it bags for both men’s and women’s has always been a matter for concern but the recent trends have changed. Men’s bags are equally in rage as compared to women’s. But finding a bag sometimes can be very difficult because they might be either expensive or not of the desired category.

Men’s bags have seen a tremendous growth in variety of bags ranging from different types of materials varying form canvas to leathers. The main purpose of purchasing a certain type of bag literally depends upon the purpose the bag would be used for. Different categories of peoples have different types of bag need, such as a working individual would require a one sided classic handbag or a messenger bag whereas a college going person would use a backpack or a rucksack.

Backpacks makes it easier to carry all the necessities of life in transit and at work be it a laptop, a water bottle or any books. A backpack tells as much about you as your trendy shoe or your attire and can help your image as well.


Usually, backpack for men have been viewed as a great accessory to match one’s casual outfit and of course, it is still a vast popular choice amongst youths. While there are many things to look for while buying a backpack for yourself, the first one being the comfort provided by the bag.

The build quality of the backpack contributes to the user comfort, especially the shape of the backside that really matters, along with the shoulder straps and padding.

The next thing to look for is the durability of the backpack. Before buying yourself a backpack one should always observe the sewing and the thread material. One of the most important thing to look out for is to ensure whether your backpack is made up of water resistant material or not as water resistant bag plays a major role in protecting the important belongings in your bag from water damage due to rainsd much moreals to carry along with them.

And the last thing to watch out for is to ensure that the bag is made from right materials or not so that it stays intact for years.

Now that you have mastered the techniques to buy the best bag for you, you should try visiting an online exclusive fashion store that has a vast sweep of quality fashion items that would dazzle you the moment you visit Zobello online fashion store.

At Zobello one can find a vast range of backpacks for men which includes leather backpack, canvas backpack, twill canvas leather backpack, light weight laptop travel backpacks to adjustable polyester padded backpacks. Adjustable polyester padded backpack being the most trending and demanding backpack at Zobello is available in four colors.

Get your hands on these ultra-light, very durable and super spacious backpack before it gets sold out. Grab your adjustable polyester padded backpack online in India only at your favorite shopping destination Zobello.

backpack for men, Bags for men, zobello products

How to Make Your Online Search for Men Backpacks Easy

Buying an backpacks for men can be a challenging task. There are various sizes, colors, shapes and of course brands and qualities. The first thing you should look at is where you are going to use the backpack for. Backpacks come in so many specialized designs, there are hiking backpacks,fishing backpacks,backpacks for water sports and so on. These different backpacks all have their own functionality but you may not need all of those extras.

When on the other hand you need a backpacks online India to go on a weekend hiking trip, you Will need the space to carry all the necessary items along. It’s wise to look at a more waterproof outdoor backpack. So determine the usage of the backpack as well as the environment you are going to use it in. Also look at how many times a year you will use the backpack. If it’s for a one time event, a lower quality backpack might be fine,but when you use it more often you’re going to have a lot more fun buying a good quality backpack.

It is very important that you buy a men backpacks that fits you well. There is nothing more frustrating then being on an outdoor trip and having back pain or a sore shoulder because your backpack isn’t the right size or adjusted to your body. So it’s better to look for an outdoor backpack that has adjustable straps that you can adjust to your length and body measurements.

Canvas backpacks also come with a lot of different compartments. If you go on a longer hiking trip you may want to have a compartment for your cell phone that is easily accessible. This comes in handy when you need an item that is stored on the bottom of your backpack so you don’t need to empty the whole backpack to get to it, but simply open the bottom zippers.

When you buy online backpacks it’s important that you take your time. Also waterproof backpack India is a good idea for some rainy region. If you buy a good quality backpack it will last a very long time and it will be your closest buddy on your outdoor trip. Good luck in your search and have a great outdoor adventure!

Backpacks for men are perfect for those who want to enjoy a smooth travailing experience whether on an outdoor adventure or for some serious business trip. Zobello is a one stop destination for all stylish accessories for men, You can purchase these backpack for men in a very reasonable price. Zobello being the market leader has the unique collection of backpacks according to your requirement and nature of use.

backpack for men, Bags for men, zobello products

Men Backpacks Online In India And Its Advantages

Choosing a backpack is always more challenging that selecting other kinds of travel bags. Select a lightweight backpack or heavy duty, whether you want a weekend pack or day pack. However, before you lay your hands on a backpack, try to get fitted first, walk around with it for sometime and then make it your bag of choice.

Backpacks that you can choose from:

1. Hiking Backpacks: Backpacks, especially those used for camping and hiking, often have rigid aluminium metal frame in their design. These are usually heavy duty backpacks which are characterized by high quality material and maximum comfort. Be it a hydration pack or expedition backpack, these flaunt broader straps and belts that add optimum comfort to your shoulders and hips while its roomy compartments accommodate a horde of travel accessories that you need.

2. School Backpacks: For value and versatility, you can take a sneak peek at the assortment of school backpack categories which are exclusively punctuated with dedicated compartments to keep your device protected and safe. You simply can’t go wrong on these classic backpacks for school that continue to rule the charts year on year. Trendy, spacious and useful, you can stuff in all your school stationary inside these stylish backpacks for school which keep your essentials handy and make a great buy.

3. Canvas Backpacks: If you do not want to be pulled down to over saturated style, revel in the classic, clean, uncomplicated and university-smart canvas backpack that simply withstands any era. Usually flaunting a leather flap coupled with strap-and-notch closure, a canvas backpack is both functional and fun. Some boast of a flap in front which opens to reveal main pockets for carrying all your important documents and folders. Few of them feature special zippered compartments for keeping your iPad and laptop safe and secure from all damage. Whether you are heading for books during the summer classes or heading the highway for an adventurous road trip, a canvas backpack suits all occasions.

Moreover, for making your business trips easier and less strenuous, hyper-durable ballistic nylon materials are used for special backpacks for men. Punctuated with dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, these backpacks are exclusively made with tricot lined media pockets, Side mesh pockets and ergonomic strap construction fuels extended trip where you can pack and stash your essentials with ease. These backpacks for men are perfect for those who want to enjoy a smooth travelling experience whether on an outdoor adventure or for some serious business trip. We have a wide range of stylish backpack for men on Zobello.

backpack for men, Bags for men, zobello products

Backpack For This Autumn Vacation

Because the may carry the backpack in wrong ways. This makes the person lean to one side to offset the extra weight, and they might develop lower and upper back pain and strain their shoulders and neck. Wearing the backpack incorrectly can also lead to poor posture.

Proper backpack with proper style and color will add more fun as well as health to your life.

Undoubtedly, backpack is an essential gear for every outdoor event to carry your world along with you. So it may turn out to be a real daunting and challenging task when it comes to choosing a right backpack for your outdoor activity. Most of us don’t know what exactly a right backpack is.

Well, a right backpack is the one that sits comfortably on your shoulders and back and make you comfortable to carry your load during long and short trips alike. To select a right backpack you need to consider many things, such as comfort, load distribution on your spine, important features and functionalities you required in your back pack and finally the budget.

First of all, remember the golden rule of backpacking “buy right and pack light”. That means you should buy the right backpack according to your needs and pack it light with essential things only.

Next important point can be to purchase adjustable backpacks. Nowadays market is full of good quality adjustable backpacks. No doubt, adjustable back systems are great, but will cost you a bit extra than your bulk standard pack.

Next is to choose the correct frame size. Remember every backpack is useless (regardless of your good height and top quality of backpack) unless it has a correct frame size according to your body and shape.

Similarly, another important consideration is proper fit of waist belt by knowing its correct size. In simpler words, the hip belt is meant for hips and not for your waist. Therefore hip belt should rest on your hipbone, not on your waist, because if it is on your waist then you will carry too much weight on your shoulder.
There are so many backpacks to choose from, and choosing the right one is not always easy. Backpacks come in all sizes, colors, fabrics, and shapes-all. As practical as backpacks are for those who use them, backpacks can cause strained muscles and joints and back pain when worn incorrectly.
Choose a lightweight backpack that doesn’t add a lot of weighd. For example, although leather backpacks look cool, they weigh more than traditional canvas backpacks.
Choose a backpack with two wide, padded shoulder straps. Straps that are too narrow can dig into shoulders.
Choose a backpack that has a waist belt, which helps distribute the weight more evenly across the body.
Choose a backpack that has multiple compartments, which also helps distribute weight more evenly.

Zobello is a one stop destination for all stylish accessories for men, We have a wide range of stylish backpack for men on Zobello. You can purchase these backpacks for men in a very reasonable price. Backpacks are available in every online store, but Zobello being the market leader has the unique collection of backpacks according to your requirement and nature of use.

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An Essential Guide to the Best of Bags

Essential Guide to the Best of Bags for Men- It Matters, So Make it Worthwhile!!
Bags for men have become the next ‘it’ thing in town and have garnered an exclusive space for themselves in almost every style-conscious man’s wardrobe today. Men have become very much on point with their fashion game off lately and surely like to be up-to-date with every upcoming trend. Particularly, in bags, we see a huge shift in men’s collection due to the rise in demand; even the recent hike in men’s bags online shopping is also proof enough of its growing popularity.
When it comes to bags, of course, we all love them as they instantly enhance our style quotient but also, they are a great utility pick too. And while it is aptly said that a woman carries an entire world in her bag, for a man it is usually more about being sorted and having his things well-organized and handy. So, even though men and women may view their bags differently, the charisma it brings along to both is something that is in common. For a man, a bag is like an extension of his character and thus, it becomes imperative that the design, pattern, colour and the overall look and feel must sit well with one’s personality.
Apart from the basics of selecting the most suitable bags online, it is very critical to opt for an ideal bag with regard to a particular day, time, occasion or event so as to make it blend smoothly with one’s outfit and surroundings. Here’s a complied list of some of the most essential every day bags for men that all the classy modern men out there can go for.
1. Satchel- Popularly known as a ‘man-bag’ also, a satchel has become the perfect friend for most men when stepping out. It is not just easy to handle and carry around your things in a systematic way but it looks uber chic and goes well with almost every outfit too. One can choose from a wide range, from the leather brown ones for a professional look as well as the denim or softer fabric ones in funky colours like bright blue, olives for that cool casual look on an off day.

2. Messenger Bag- Also known as courier bags, these are much similar to a satchel in looks but are slightly different in their functionality as they are generally good for carrying around a lot more than a satchel. While a satchel is more about carrying the basics like laptop and a few books or files, the messenger allows more room for other stuff as well. While a satchel is usually sported across the shoulder, men are often seen keeping this one on either side of the body. Messenger bag generally stands more apt for semi-formal occasions, when going for an outing with colleagues or family.
3. Backpack- This one’s an evergreen and is here to stay for time immemorial for we all love backpacks and one can be sure they can never be out of style. Backpacks look fit in right in slightly informal settings and come in use mostly while travelling. They are available in different sizes and shapes as per your travel needs and duration while also having enough options for colours, designs and patters to choose from.

4. Duffel Bag- Duffel bags, too, are looked upon as best suited for travel and come in varied sizes for different purposes as well like when functioning as a gym bag or even a picnic bag when going out with family. As they do have a lot of space and are easy to carry, they can be put to a number of uses; they are as ideal for a weekend trip as for keeping any and all of your junk like tools or boxing kit etc., for instance.
5. Briefcases- Even though these can be counted as the most traditional ones for men have been carrying the classic black or brown briefcases since the 80’s or even before (as we see in the old movies) but till today, they refuse to go out of the style checklist. Briefcases simply make one look decent, serious, business-like and well, rich, all at once; this is really the one right way of saying that you mean business. And what’s more, the old briefcase has been completely revamped today, coming in much sleeker version, in stylish leather or even the metal ones with those gadget-like lock systems to flaunt in any important business meet with clients or seniors.
6. Travel Trolley Bag/ Suitcase- These are a must have for every man who travels, be it more frequently or less as when you travel, the last thing you want is to fuss about carrying your stuff among other important things like documentation, having enough money etc. A big travel trolley bag/ suitcase that is both sturdy and stylish will not only work best to carry it all around conveniently but will also not make anyone receiving you at the airport look down upon you. And with this, also comes the other necessary extensions like the garment bag for keeping your ironed clothes neat and nice, shoe bag to avoid damaging that expensive pair of shoes and the Dopp kit for toiletries that you just can’t do without.

duffel-bagAside from these major varieties which are often spotted with men these days, there are few other ones as well like the sling bags and waist bags, which are generally both smaller in size for carrying the few essentials like important papers or money etc. So, these make for a few bags for men, which cover almost all the important days of one’s busy life and help make it easier, better and simply more fashionable all along.

If you are looking something between the duffle bags, messenger bags for men and backpack, then we have a hybrid travel canvas backpack in store especially for you. They are made up of canvas and faux leather that are durable. They are available in five different colors. We have a wide range of stylish bags for men on Zobello.