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How To Choose Perfect Hoodies for Men

Mens hoodies are the best we have seen to date with an exceptional range of designs. Not only is the collection one of the most attractive there on the fashion market, it is also the coolest and trendiest collections ever provided in the industry. Moreover, zobello is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable and more stylish than before.

People are interested in buying quality mens hoodies from a trusted brand. zobello is one of the main aspects of the manufacturer’s personality and its identity in the marketplace. Unlike other cheap hoodies which are easily available and flourishing in market, zobello don’t provide false promises of their quality and durability but serve branded quality products. If you are looking for qualities do consider these good pointers in your purchase.

And since the quality of clothing is good, you do not have to worry about clothes to wear out soon. The fabric used in its production of high quality mens hoodies is quality tested on parameters of colourfastness, shrinkage, weight and durability. You can be assured of the highest quality standards.

You will be sure to find what you are looking for from our range of clothing. Zobello clothing is the best brand both in terms of quality and creative designs and they occupy top position in every individuals mind. Because their designs never go out of style, opting to buy these clothes can be a very good decision.

The range of mens hoodies is overflowing with all the colours of the rainbow. Be it a classic which is proving hugely popular when you get your hands. The most stunning experience of checking out the online store is that all the products are available at very low cost with super quality. Now you can be fashionable with mens hoodies without having to empty your whole pocket.

Men’s hoodies have been in vogue since ages and have never once failed to enhance the style quotient for that cool, comfy and casual look at any day, any place. With Zobello hoodies for men, you can bid adieu to drab sweatshirts and welcome style into your wardrobe.
Just choose from the range of printed hoodies for men. Pair them with jeans, cargos, or shorts, or wear them over tees or shirts, Zobello slim-fit hoodies are simple, elegant and chic, giving you the understated look that’s uber stylish with being overdone. Look no further than Zobello for a range of fashionable hoodies for men! Hoodies for men are an ideal pick for almost every time and any informal occasion.

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Blazer According To The Occasion

Summer is a wonderful time where you can flaunt your stylish personality. If you think that blazers are just for winters, it is not true!! Lightweight casual blazer is perfect to wear in summer. These blazers are not lined and unstructured that is very comfortable to wear in the hot and humid summers. We at Zobello have a wide collection of lightweight casual blazers. They are available in many different colors, style and patterns.
Pick the blazer according to the occasion. Here we are discussing five ways to wear blazer in summer
1. Team it with a pair of jeans
You can pair it with your favorite jeans. This is the best way to dress up for any occasion. You can wear it with tees or tank. This will add a unique and different impact in your persona. It is something funny and casual.
2. Navy blue
Irrespective of the occasion, the navy blue blazer is always in fashion. It is a must have lightweight summer blazer in your closet. It is a functional and multi-utility casual wear for men. You can wear it on various occasions like wedding, interview and night parties.
Gingham Check Casual Blazer is a single breasted blazer. It has notched lapel with two button closure. You can pair it with white shirt and denim for the classy look
3. Mix and match
Mix and match strategy always work. You can match different patterns that will create your own style statement. Mix bold and bright colors. Wearing a bright blazer on your lunch date and office party looks awesome. Also, you can wear a blazer with a pair of trousers and tees on a beach. Go for white tees, white trousers and sly blue blazer.
4. Black makes your day
Gray and navy are one of the popular colors. But black blazer is the necessity of your closet. It makes you a complete man.
5. Color blocking
Summer is a perfect season where you can wear bold and bright colors. We are not saying you to wear a pink blazer. But try the neutral shades with tees and jeans. A casual notched blazer can be layered under tees. Comes with inner slit pockets and flap pockets. It is made from hundred percent cotton. They are available in different colors on Zobello.
Blazer is a very important part of the dapper layered look. In the summer time. it makes you feel good, comfortable and increase your personality. They are light and cool. As they are available in different styles and colors so, you can wear it effortlessly on weddings, birthdays, picnics, pool party, and barbecues. And yes also in office meetings and presentations. On wedding, a formal blazer with smart trousers and tees will make your day. On weekend barbecues or pool party, team blazer with vest and shorts. On dinner pair blazer with drawstring trousers, slip on espadrilles and shirt. On birthday or anniversary, wearing a buttoned up blazer with shirt and trouser.

Whatever is the occasion, wear the blazer in style. Summer is a great opportunity to pick bold and bright colored blazers. Pick blazers from Zobello and revamp your look.The Zobello online fashion store is a sight for sore fashion eyes. Here, you can find blazers for men online in India that can be paired with casual trousers, ripped denims, skinny jeans, white trousers, corduroy trousers and much more.

Blazers for men, zobello products

Blazer – A Versatile Apparel

The blazer is a versatile apparel that completely changes the way you look. Be it a formal occasion or a casual party, a well layered blazer will make you stand out. It is truly an essential element in any man’s wardrobe due to the sheer number of variations a blazer allows you to make to your existing collection of clothes. The blazer lends sophistication and maturity to your look without sacrificing the cool factor. Whether worn with jeans and a T-shirt or as a part of formal attire, the blazer has become the quintessential choice for the urban man to add a little oomph when dressing up.

A common misconception about blazers is that they are just as uncomfortable to wear as suits, when in fact Lightweight Casual Blazers available at zobello.com are perfect for men who desire to look casually dapper in a hot climate. These Lightweight Casual Blazers are made of breathable cotton, and are a great alternative to suits for professionals who wish to cool down in the summers. Further, Blazers are great for travelling and are much more practical than suits to pack in a bag and zip across the country.

Colour & Style Extravaganza

A great assortment of unique blazers are available on zobello.com. You can choose from different colours and styles to compliment your wardrobe. A Casual Notched Blazer in neutral colours like Navy Blue, Grey, Black and Beige is a true classic that will layer well with almost everything. For a formal event, one can pair a Navy Blue or Grey Casual Notched Blazer with a dress shirt and a tie. This is a tried and tested combination for a polished look and can be paired with any of your existing outfits and make you look like a dapper gentleman.

Style at its Best

However, if you are looking for something funky to spice up your collection, look no further than the Gingham Check Casual Blazers available on zobello. These blazers have a fresh, summerish feel and look fantastic with chinos and a light shirt or T-Shirt. Gingham Check Casual Blazers are a great way to break away from the monotony of monochrome blazers and set yourself apart from the crowd. These stylish blazers will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

Carry – Off Blazer with a Casual Attitude

Blazers can take your outfit to the next level, when dressing casually. A plain tee and a pair of well fitted jeans go phenomenally well with blazers. Alternatively, you can pair your blazer with a v-neck tee to go with the lapel or instead try a polo tee for a sporty semi-formal look. Underneath, you can either wear boots or casual sneakers, as both seem perfectly alright with blazers.

Fit is the Key

A good fit is essential to the look of the blazer. When trying on a blazer, ensure that the seam hits just where your shoulders end. The fit of the shoulder is crucial as it hard to alter. The sleeves should ideally end a bit below your wrists and the buttons should hit above the navel.

Take advantage of the versatility of blazers by mixing it up a bit! Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and experiment with patterns! When you’re looking for sophisticated and simple yet fuss free dressing styles that meet both comfort and functionality, the Zobello online fashion store is a sight for sore fashion eyes.

Blazers for men, zobello products

Gingham And Oxford Weave Summer Blazers

Add Panache To Your Look With Gingham And Oxford Weave Summer Blazers

Often, we associate blazers with a formal setup. For instance, a meeting with an organization’s employees or top level executives calls for a blazer. Another common situation blazer is associated with are the interviews. Whether it is your first interview or seventh, people often think that wearing a blazer can create quite an impression. Blazers are also worn in weddings and other special occasions. Blazers are a special type of clothing accessory that you don’t get to wear every day. But not all blazers are made for a formal setting. Take gingham summer blazers for example. The word ‘gingham’ derived from the Malayan word ‘genggang’ means striped. You can see this striped pattern in shirts, aprons and shorts too. One can easily identify the gingham fabric since the yarn is dyed before it is woven. Also, yet another distinct feature of gingham fabric is that, the colored yarns and the uncolored yarns go against each other.

Although the origin of gingham fabrics can be traced back to the Southeast Asian countries, this type of fabric gradually lost their trademark stripes as the western world adapted it. This trendy gingham fabric is not just suitable for shirts, but also for summer blazers. Gingham summer blazers are perfect for a nice get together with friends or a casual brunch. With these blazers, you can sport a casual yet sophisticated look. Made with woven cotton, these gingham summer blazers are designed to keep you cool and provide maximum comfort.

There is yet another cool look any man can easily pull off. This involves an Oxford weave summer blazer. What is so special about this? It is a light weight blazer that can create a smart and classy look in minutes. Pair it with a matching chino and a contrast plain shirt and you are good to go. When buying Oxford weave summer blazer, make sure you check the composition of the blazer. Go for a blazer that 100% Oxford weave cotton. This will ensure durability and high thread density. Further, the Oxford weave offers a lustrous element to the fabric which makes it perfect for dress shirts and casual blazers. Since these blazers usually come with flap and chest pockets, you do not have to worry about your phone or other valuables getting lost. These pockets offer style and functionality.

Regardless of the type of summer blazer you buy, it is very important to wash it using appropriate methods. Rough handling of any fabric can result in wear and tear. Sometimes, this rough handling can also lead to a fabric losing its shine. You can opt for dry cleaning, but in the long run using harsh chemicals in the dry cleaning process can spoil the texture of the fabric. Similar is the case with bleaching too. Drying your blazer under direct sunlight also has its disadvantages. If you are machine washing your summer blazer, the best way is to use a delicate wash cycle with warm or cold water and tumble dry in a low setting.

When you’re looking for blazer for men, an online shopping website like Zobello is the best place to catch hold of the latest fashion trends. The Zobello online fashion store is a sight for sore fashion eyes. By wearing one of Zobello’s best blazers for men, you can look urban stylish, classy and contemporary.

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Tote Bags Online In India

3 Benefits You’ll Reap if You Buy Tote Bags
Tote bags are in! They are so much in demand that everyone from Deepika Padukone to Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen with them. If you also hope to buy tote bags and don’t why they are better than other options then you shouldn’t worry. Here we’ll tell you all about these spacious bags and the top 3 benefits you will reap if you invest in them this season.
Let’s Start with the Basics
Before we tell you about the benefits of these bags, let’s just understand a bit about them. You should know that the word Tote means to carry. Though this term was famous since the 17th century, it first became associated with a reference to bags in the 20th century. It was embraced as an emblem for fashion in the 1940s and it seems its charm hasn’t faded yet.
Now that you know about these bags, let’s have a look at the benefits of having one (or a few):
1. Full of Features
If you buy tote bags, you will be amazed at how many features they have. Firstly, they are large in size so you can put anything you want in them, be it your comfy shoes or your first aid box. Secondly, they have parallel handles and there are no locks and zips which make taking out and putting in the stuff easier. Thirdly, they are quite strong and can last for decades if you invest in a quality option. Fourthly, they are awesome for every occasion, be it an office party, a special conference or even a wedding function. Last but not the least, they have special slots for all your valuables, be it your high priced mascara or your favorite gadgets, which lets you maintain high standards of self-organization.

2. Made for You
A most distinctive feature of these products is that they are highly customizable. When looking for tote bags online, you should pick them from a store where you can get your name tagged or even get the images printed. It would also be a good idea to buy them at a website that offers various patterns like color blocks or solid and different fabric options like denim, canvas and faux leather. It will give you the liberty of getting a custom-made piece made that can be used for years and even passed on to your kids.
3. Environment-Friendly
These tote bags are an awesome option because they have contributed to making the world a better place to live in. How? Because data shared by an international fashion magazine, Fast Company has said that these bags help in the reduction of more than 300 billion plastic bags that are used as wraps globally. So when you buy tote bags, you are doing your bit for the environment.
If you are not sure about how to distinguish a good tote bag from a bad quality one, you should know that a product with inferior quality would have poor stitching, low-grade materials, and lackluster labels.
A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. A tote bag is a large bag, originally it was always made of cloth, with two handles. It is made to “tote” (carry) things around, especially while shopping or travelling. Bag is the most essential travel accessory and whether you buy them from an online shopping portal or a physical store, there is no dearth of bags to choose from. At Zobello we design our garments with great love and eye for detail. That same love and attention can also be found in the way we produce our clothing.